Help for Learners

Do I have to be registered with a University or College to take courses on this system?
Anyone, 13 or over, can take a course offered on Open Courses. Organizations are opening up their doors to all learners within their regions and around the world.

Are there prerequisites required to take a course?
Most courses do not require a prerequisite to be met before granting access to the course. Some course facilitators may ask you to do an online pre-assessment quiz to help gauge your knowledge in the topics before opening up the rest of the course content. In this case, they will guide you on what to do based on your pre-assessment results.

Will I be able to contact the course instructor?
Once you register for a course, the instructor will give you different options to communicate with him/her. Please see the details inside of the course.

How do I get an Open Courses ID and password?
When an organization is ready to deliver a course, they will provide a link to register for the course. When you register for a course on Open Courses for the first time, you will be asked to create an EduDentity ID and password, prior to being enrolled into the course.

What courses are available on the Open Courses site?
When an organization is ready to deliver a course, most are providing a page on their site with links to register for their course. You will be able to find all available courses that are currently available or in development here.

I already have an EduDentity ID and password from other Desire2Learn products, can I use this one for Open Courses?
Yes. If you already have an EduDentity ID and password from Desire2Learn Binder, MyDesire2Learn or Desire2Learn Assignment Grader, then you can re-use that id and password for Open Courses. For more details about Desire2Learn products that use EduDentity, click here.

Do I have to pay to take Open Courses courses?
While most courses will be free to learners world-wide, some organizations may charge an up-front fee to take the course or a fee at other points in the course for those learners that want to obtain value-added services related to the course.

Do Open Courses have any courses that count for credit?
While most courses will not count for credit, some organizations may offer credit and if so, fees may apply. Please see the course abstract for more details on any fees.

I've never used Open Courses before, how will I know how to use it?
Once you have an Open Courses ID and password, student help videos are available inside the Open Courses site.

How is my data being used?
To access the Materials on the course site, you are required to create and use your unique email account and password as prompted when completing our online registration form.

The information we obtain through your use of this Site, including your Data, is subject to our Privacy Policy which is incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use for each course. By using the Site, you also grant us the right to disclose your Data to third parties. We, our Partners and certain third parties may use the Data (i) in aggregate form for certain business purposes; e.g. to create other materials and services by performing statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of all users, and/or by measuring demographics and interests regarding specific areas of the Site; and (ii) to contact you if you have opted into receiving different forms of email communications.

I want to remove my Open Courses account, what do I do?
Please contact to request an account deletion.

Can I use Desire2Learn Binder with Open Courses?
Yes, you can use Binder with Desire2Learn Open Courses. When viewing a content topic, if the content may be sent to Binder, you will see an option to download to Binder. If you want to know more about Binder, see details here.

Help for Instructors or Trainers that want to deliver an Open Courses course.

I'm an instructor and I want to deliver a course on Open Courses. How do I get started?
Please contact your institution's’s online learning administrator who will in turn contact to kick off the process.

My company wants to deliver a course on Open Courses. How do I get started?
Please contact your institution’s online learning administrator who will in turn contact to kick off the process.

My question has not been answered? How can I get more information about Open Courses?
Please contact and someone will be in touch with you.


Last Updated: 2013-10-07